Heart of the Headwrap presented by Cantoinette Studios
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Heart of the Headwrap presented by Cantoinette Studios

Heart of the Headwrap is a series of upcoming workshops taking place the summer of 2017, throughout South Dallas neighborhoods. The workshops will teach women and girls about the 1786 Tignon Law of Louisiana, a law organized to oppress affluent women of African descendant through the headwrap.

In addition to understanding New Orleans 18th century culture both through the French and Spanish colonization of Louisiana, that created such a diverse community in which a growing population of people of African descendant lived freely among Europeans and slaves. While also understanding how the headwrap became a symbol of rebellion, that further enhance the characteristics that were meant to be oppress, beauty, intelligence, and adaptability.

Each participant will be gift a unique scarf and be taught how to incorporate personal style techniques with the overall goal in boosting self-confidence through self-identification with the headwrap while taking into account the history.

These workshops will be free and open to the public with sponsorship by the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs through the Cultural Vitality Project Grant and the Nasher Sculpture Center Mircogrant.

Heart of the Headwrap stops by Pass Thru on August 5, 2017

Registration is required, please register at: cantoinettestudios@gmail.com and include your name, age, and workshop location.

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The Black Enigma

The Black Enigma is an art gallery showcase where artist and lovers of art will come to hear and see intimate poetic verses and paintings that have muses that look like and possess features that resemble our beautiful and expressive culture. 

The gallery will feature Dallas painters, photographers, and poets. These talented artists will be selling their work. A percentage of all the proceeds from beverage sales  will go to fighting homelessness in the South Dallas area.

Our goal is simply; Support great talent & make giving back a lifestyle. 


Age: 21 and up audience

Dress code: Come as you are.

For tickets visit Eventbrite at the button below: 

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#browngirlsdoballet opening

Created in 2012, the Brown Girls Do Ballet® Photo Project was the catalyst of the world renowned Brown Girls Do Ballet® movement.   Brown Girls Do Ballet®  now offers support and resources to young ballerinas of color and through mentorship and imagery, provides a safe space for girls who don't often see themselves in their art. In 2015 the Brown Girls Do Ballet® Photo Project became a traveling exhibition. Pass Thru Gallery is excited to have the Brown Girls Do Ballet® Photo Project in it's permanent collection. Artist talk and reception with photographer TaKiyah Wallace will be held on Friday June 30th 7pm-9pm

 Brown Girls DO Ballet © TAKIYAH WALLACE

Brown Girls DO Ballet © TAKIYAH WALLACE

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#talkaboutuncomfortablethings opening

"After being diagnosed with depression, and later bipolar II disorder, #talkaboutuncomfortablethings was created in 2016 as a way to openly address, both verbally and visually, my struggle with mental illness. It is not a topic that is talked about openly, and I decided that I didn't want to feed into the stigma by being ashamed of my diagnosis."

#talkaboutuncomfortable things is a collection of images that depict the changes that mental illness (in the artist's case- bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, etc.) takes you through... to put visuals to the sometimes hard to explain feelings.

#talkaboutuncomfortable things opens in Dallas, May 3rd, 2017 & runs through June 3, 2017

About the artist: Danielle Finney is a self-taught portrait photographer based in Washington, DC. While her focus was initially graphic design, in 2009, photography became her passion. She soon began to specialize in natural light photography. Throughout the year, Finney teaches natural light photography courses as well. Finney's portrait work features engaging environmental color and composition. More on Danielle Finney can be found at http://www.daniellefinney.com

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